Here’s a collection of my old academic work from college! Isn’t that exciting?
For the Sake of Argument
Crowley’s Anti-Tao
Closest to the Gods
Chaucer Translation
Function of Chapers 11 & 12 of The Story of the Stone
Critique of the 1988 Film Series Adaptation of The Story of the Stone
Spenser’s “Faery Queene”: The Sanctity of Life
Evaluate the Following Statement
Cognitive Thaw: The Sandbank is YOUR Brain
Suggestions for Modern Moral Philosophy
Forget to Know
Homosexual Nomos out of Heterosexual Chaos: as a Ritualistic Social Construction of Reality
The Redemption of Iodine
Judas the Savior
Cognitive Mysticism
Orlando, Knight of Faith
Fatalism and Determinism
On Hilary Putnam’s “The Nature of Mental States”
On Rorty’s “In Defense of Eliminative Materialism”
On Skinner’s “About Behaviourism”
The Prosentential Theory of Truth
On the Liar Paradox
On Pragmaticism
The Puzzle is a Puzzle
Playing With Time
‘Rashomon’ Lecture Notes
Taoism for the General Population
Who Is the Author
Buddhism Final Exam
Human-Centred ‘Christian’ Theology and Karl Barth’s Dialectical Christian Theology
Christianity Final Exam
Christianity Midterm
An Examination of Demonic Despair
Isaac: A Cipher
The Philosopher of the ‘Dangerous Maybe’
Nietzsche’s Analysis of Nihilism
On Kierkegaard and Nietzsche
On Zen Buddhism
Russell’s Theory of Descriptions
Rape versus Lovemaking
The Futility of Universal Glass Slippers
Wittgenstein’s Eye
Softer Than It Was Before
Forget the Words
Zen In the Brain

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