The Spirit of Dionysus

David Bowie, image from “The Rolling Stone” magazine

In 1993, David Bowie said in an interview, “We shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Experimentation is about pushing the parameters of our knowledge. It is the spirit of Dionysus, the energy that makes us what we are.”

Those words guided me through adolescence and have continued to guide me throughout my life. David Bowie is more than a role model or a muse or a teacher. He is Dionysus.

We are all Dionysus. We are all struggling little creatures trying the best we can to be the energy that makes us what we are. David Bowie has inspired us, given us strength and courage, and shown us how to make experimental art out of every aspect of ourselves, even our own death.

When our role model dies, it’s our turn to become a role model for the next round of kids. Let’s push the parameters of our knowledge by reading, and encouraging others to read, all of David Bowie’s 100 favourite books. And, of course, let’s keep sharing his music forever.


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this isn't about me. this is about you. you're beautiful, and the world is burning.
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