brother cuddles


Littermates aren’t the only siblings in my household. Dalek makes sure to spend a lot of time cuddling with his big brother Corexit. When Dalek’s litter was little, Corexit taught them how to take turns while sharing toys.

dalek and corexit

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kitten cuddles

Dalek and Heqat love each other. they spend a lot of time cuddling. they’re brothers from the same litter. sometimes i wonder if sibling-cats who live together develop a bigger cat-language vocabulary than unrelated cats who live together, because i notice that the brothers are way closer with each other than they have been with any of the unrelated cats who have lived in my house. they shared each other’s dreams before they opened their eyes or learned how to tell themselves apart from their wombmates…

heqat and dalek dalek and heqat

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flowers from winter

one of my aloe plants flowered at the end of the winter. this is the third time that one of my aloes has flowered. i have aloe plants in every room of my house that has a window. they are mostly related to each other, but i never turn down rescues or adoptions. the oldest of my aloes is probably 9 years old, just maybe barely 10 years old. the one in the pictures below is probably between 5 and 7 years old.

aloe flowers aloe flowers aloe flowers

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spring always comes

last year’s roses inspire this year’s growth and creativity. since the spring is taking so long to arrive, looking at last year’s pictures gives me hope and joy. Qiuniu keeps telling me that it will be winter forever, but i don’t believe him. do you see the bee in the bottom picture?

rose rose

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hello spider


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flowers and fruit in my garden

as winter approaches, enjoy some more pictures from the summer.


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wasp on my mullein

SAMSUNG CSCthese pictures were taken this summer. many many different insects showered my mullein with love and devotion in blissful harmony.


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robins on our porch

This gallery contains 40 photos.

a robin made her nest in a tea-kettle hanging from my porch. since it’s such a main thoroughfare, we were very surprised. her first clutch of eggs was destroyed by another bird after awhile and we were very upset. then … Continue reading

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dalek loves orion

Orion is the most neurotic of my cats. He is skittish and timid and anxious, and never really bonded with any of the other cats except for Bungalow for a long time. Lately he has been much happier and growing more and more social. He and Dalek have become great friends, and they sleep together on Quiniu’s side of the bed for much of the day.

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where’s Valdo?

photo by sierra sioux. taken in my kitchen. where’s Valdo?

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kittens in the bathroom

here are some pictures taken in july. the cat lineup has changed a bit in my household. ozzy (featured here) and ronjon (not featured here) don’t live with us anymore, they moved into a house of their own at the end of august with my friend (and former housemate) nick. niko (featured here) and valdo (not featured here) have been living with us for quite awhile now while they transition through a re-homing process.

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photos of my yard and gardening, featuring Corexit

This gallery contains 141 photos.

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Rest in Peace, Hathor, and Best Wishes On Your Continued Adventures Through the Universe.

When the Gods assume flesh and blood, we never know their agenda, or how long they will stay. But Hathor walked among us, loved us, and we love him. His time with us was a small adventure in a greater context that we will never understand. We were the lucky ones Hathor chose to grace with his presence, and we will remember him and miss him always. When the Gods walk on Earth, they are like shooting stars, lighting up the whole sky briefly and brilliantly.

Hathor, 10 March 2011 – 24 December 2011

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hathor goes to west virginia

the fates had previously decreed that Hathor would live with robby in west virginia with his father Number 5 and his brother 23. there was a reunion visit celebrating the birthdays of 23 and Ron Jon and Corexit on 20 August. then, this morning, Hathor embarked on a road trip to his new home.

here he is in the car cuddling with his daddy:

Hathor and Number 5

Hathor and Number 5 en route to West Virginia, 21 August 2011

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old artwork by vered talor arnon

This gallery contains 19 photos.

just a small sampling of some of my older artwork. 

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kitten photography by little miao

my little sister takes amazing pictures of my kittens.

here’s a flickr photostream from may.

and here’s an entry in her blog with 2 photos that she just took this month while visiting.

and here’s another entry featuring the breakfast chair, painted by my friend dakota and me.

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kitten pictures from 9 may

This gallery contains 10 photos.

nick ross took these pictures of the kittens.

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march 2011 kittens

This gallery contains 20 photos.

these kittens were born 10 march 2011. they’ve gotten much bigger now. they grow so fast!

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Number 5 and Heqat

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Number 5 is a very loving father, and he enjoys grooming his children. Here are some pictures of Number 5 giving Heqat a bath and cuddling with him.

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big kittens 2011

This gallery contains 49 photos.

enjoy a selection of kitten pictures from january through march of 2011, including Number 5 and 23 before they moved to West Virginia.

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