An internet presence without kittens is like a revolution without dancing.


Currently there are 9 kittens in my house. Orion is the oldest. He’s not related to the others. Bungalow is the mother of all the others except for two who belong to a friend of mine and won’t be mentioned on this page because they’re temporary guests. The father of Bungalow’s kittens, Number 5, has moved to West Virginia. Bungalow’s first litter produced Corexit, RonJon, and 23 (who moved to West Virginia with Number 5). Bungalow’s second litter produced Heqat, Hathor (who moved on to other modes of being), Ozymandias, and Dalek.



Orion was born on 3 April 2008 in a tiny windowless room in a barn in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I got him on 20 June 2008 from Craigslist in exchange for a bag of catfood. He is a neutered male with a sweet personality and strange anxiety issues such as agoraphobia. The woman whose barn he was born in gave him psychological complexes with paranoid stories of “megahawks”. Even though he’s very sweet, he’s very skittish and tends to keep his distance even when he wants attention. I did a tarot reading for him shortly after I got him, and he chose Two of Cups as his personal card. He likes to cuddle with me in bed in the mornings and evenings.

Bungalow in the kitchen

Bungalow was born sometime in 2009 and I got her sometime thereafter in 2009. Her name came from Joanna Newsom‘s song “Swansea”. The lyrics go, “Ho Swansea! Buttonwillow!
Lagunitas! Ho Calico! And all these beastly bungalows
stare, distend, like endless toads – endlessly hop down the road.” She was really skinny before and after the had kittens, but after we got her spayed, she got really fat. She and Orion are friends, and she loved mothering her kittens when they were little but she doesn’t really like to socialize with other cats or humans. She likes to go outdoors and she enjoys hunting. She might be a bird in a cat-body with quantum-stability issues.

Corexit in the sun

Corexit was born on 20 August 2010 in my attic. He was off in his own little world all the time when he was a little kitten, always content to leave the spotlight to his brother 23, but after his father and brother moved to West Virginia, he started to develop alpha-male inclinations. He’s very mellow and sociable. He loves going outside. He absolutely adores his little brothers and he tried to be the midwife when they were being born. He likes cuddling and he’s very playful. He also enjoys listening to metal music. He sleeps next to my pillow every night on a folded fleece blanket. He loves to entertain our guests. He’s very athletic and likes to play with toys or wrestle with his brothers.

RonJon on my bed

RonJon was born on 20 August 2010 in the attic as well. He is named after Senator Ron Johnson from Oshkosh Wisconsin. He has a wool fetish and a mild oedipal complex. He belongs to my housemate Nick. His favorite color is blue, and he’s elegant and prissy in addition to being very sensual and cuddly. He’s obsessed with playing with water. He comes galloping at the sound of running water, and soon he might figure out how to turn on the tap. When the weather gets warm, he’ll be getting swimming lessons. He also likes to do backflips and play with feathers and strings.


Heqat in the kitten-basket

Heqat was born on 10 March 2011 in my bedroom. His name is pronounced “Hee-kayt”. He was the third of his litter to be born. He’s very fuzzy and gentle, and pretty quiet. He has white boots like Corexit. His name is a reflection of Hecate, Greek Goddess of Fate, and Heqat, Egyptian frog-goddess of childbirth. He’s the softest of them all, and he looks like a little doll-cat. He likes to sleep with Corexit next to my pillow at night. He’s go gentle and pretty that he seems delicate. While his brothers all take after Number 5 quite a bit, Heqat takes after Bungalow.



Ozymandias was the second kitten to be born on 10 March 2011. She was born on Nick’s bed, before the birthing was relocated to my bedroom. She belongs to Nick, and her nickname is Ozzy. She’s actually a boy, but we call her “she” because we like it. She’s a very playful confident troublemaker, very outgoing and constantly in need of stimulation. Everyone loves taking pictures of her, and she has sort of a Tank-girl style to her rugged self-expression. She’s definitely the most intelligent of the kittens.



Dalek was the first kitten to be born on 10 March 2011 on Nick’s bed. He’s the smallest of the litter and he has white boots like Corexit and Heqat. Since he’s the runt, we decided Dalek would be a good name to give him extra energy. He is very energetic and playful. He also seems very pink, even though he’s orange, and reminds people of a piglet now and then. He likes to push things off of other things and break them. I don’t think that he understands that things break. He just likes to watch them fall. He also likes to give kisses and nuzzles, and he purrs very very loudly.


Hathor drinking kitten formula

Hathor was born on 10 March 2011 in my bedroom. He was named after the Egyptian Cow Goddess of Love, whose dual-personality is Sekhmet, the Egyptian Lion Goddess of War. I saw all the others be born, but I didn’t get to watch Hathor’s birth because he was born hours later. He was the last to be born, and he was huge. He was the first to open his eyes and start walking. Whenever people came over to see the kittens, he’d rush out to greet them, and everyone would say “this one is my favourite!” even though they hadn’t seen the others yet. He was so full of love, and he went to live in West Virginia with Number 5 and 23 in August of 2011. On 24 December, 2011, he moved on from his cow-kitty incarnation, to have other adventures and continue to spread love and joy.

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