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I’m reading that the new president of america will be proposing a “religous freedom” executive order in order to allow discrimination based on religious sentiment. And I just have to think. I have to wonder. Since when was discrimination a bulwark of any religion? The context in question is typically Christian businesses wanting to refuse service to someone for some reason – but no matter who, or why, that just baffles me, because it is NOT a Christian sentiment. after all, Jesus sat down for dinner with the people whose lifestyle he disagreed with, and notably defended a prostitute from public judgement. Jesus said that he will judge people in the afterlife based on how attentive they were to the needs of others during their lifetime. he argued that kings and tyrants did not deserve the respect one should accord to God alone. and he continually championed the downtrodden and oppressed.

What is this strange new religion that needs political protections because it’s so out of line with human decency and traditional values? I looked to the ten commandments, and wrote a poem about this sick hypocrisy that infects our society today.

– Ten Commandments (New Religion) –

Worship no other gods –
but worship money, power, and sex
as though they were gods.

Do not make idols –
rather, make everything into a product to sell
and bow down before the profits.

Do not use God’s name for evil purposes –
except to justify bigotry,
hatred, war, and destruction.

Keep a day of rest –
and scorn those who lack
the opportunity to avoid labour.

Honour your parents –
until they become needy, then
dehumanize them as it suits your lifestyle.

Do not kill –
unless you have the power and privilege
to suffer no repercussions.

Do not commit adultery –
instead, rape the weak
and interfere with others’ private lives.

Do not steal –
just pillage and plunder
and confiscate.

Do not accuse anyone falsely –
unless a scapegoat is sought
or tempers are hot.

Do not covet that which belongs to your neighbour –
just take it from them
and destroy them if necessary.

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