Making the Most of 2017

2016 was an interesting year. i was rather successful in getting things done and learning new skills, but i did fall short of many of my goals. i didn’t read nearly as many books as i wanted. i didn’t write nearly as much as i needed. but i learned how to use various exciting power tools. my arms and shoulders became too muscular for my favourite winter coat. i helped a friend do some pretty monumental and important things to improve her life that she couldn’t have done on her own. i ended 2016 with the feeling that i am more of an adult than before (my birthday on december 5th always helps with that growth sensation), and i ended 2016 with a clear perspective on my station in life, my roles and responsibilities, my obligations, and my goals.

i only posted twice in this blog in 2016. once about david bowie and once about standing rock. i started re-working a writing project that i’d begun long long long ago, but i didn’t get very far. i didn’t finish any paintings and i can’t remember if the two in progress were started in 2016 or 2015. so let’s clear the slate, set all the progress-meters back to zero, and cement my resolve (or resolutions) for 2017.

i will turn my collection of hoarded dead materials into living shining art. i will resurrect unfinished writing projects and make them breathe again. i will dance with the energies around me. i will cherish and embrace my solitude. i will finish things that i’ve started.

i will restore and respect my body. not merely a necessary utensil, my body is my temple and my fortress. it is the base of all my operations, it is my safety and my strength. it becomes an afterthought as i throw myself into activity, but i must strive to keep it a priority and break the cycle of ignoring my flesh.

i will cultivate a more sustainable relationship with the resources around me. weaning the world off fossil fuels is the work of vast numbers of individuals, making incredibly small changes and choices from one moment to the next. there’s no blueprint for this undertaking. our relationship to fossil fuels is like that of an addict to their addiction. gasoline entangles almost every single part of our lives. i am prepared to re-evaluate all aspects of my lifestyle, in order to achieve deeper growth in this area.

i will nurture my human relationships. i will continue to pursue all the opportunities i encounter to help build my community. i will reach out to my friends and do my best to share my opportunities with them. i will use my voice on city council, and i will turn up the volume. human interactions are the arena in which i truly challenge my comfort zone, and in 2017 i will bring on these challenges like heaping servings of all my favourite desserts. i’ve been watching, learning, and waiting. i’ve been waiting patiently. and when the curtain fell on 2016, i knew deep in my marrow and down in my gut, that the waiting is over.

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