the magician’s worktable – working title

one day i will create an amazing piece of multi-media artwork. to make this possible, i am saving all the clippings from my cats’ toenails, as well as my own, and i am saving cat whiskers too. i am collecting teeny-tiny little jars and containers. the multi-media piece will be called “the magician’s worktable” or something along those lines, and will tell a story about “found objects” and how these “dead things” and “discarded things” become the expression of a cherished relationship with a vibrant living environment. this piece of art will also attempt to provide commentary on the mirror of microcosm and macrocosm. if you would like to contribute materials, i would love to embrace your generous donation!

dalek and toenails

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this isn't about me. this is about you. you're beautiful, and the world is burning.
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