orion wants love

orion is a very insecure cat. it probably all started with the barn he was born in, and the horror stories his mother’s owner would tell all the kittens about mega-hawks that lurked outside and could carry whole dogs away. but when i got him as a kitten, and brought him to a nice home with windows and furniture and no scary stories, i had him pick a card from my deck for a tarot reading, and he chose 2 of cups. he wants to love and be loved, in spite of the scary world outside.

orion in the hallway

orion likes to keep the hair on his lower belly much shorter than all the rest of his hair, and he’s very meticulous and precise. he spends a lot more time grooming than any of the other cats. he also grooms dalek more than dalek grooms himself.


orion grooming his belly

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