aloe flowers in the spring

since i didn’t post anything yesterday, you get two posts today! i’m really trying very hard to have a new post every single day.

at the end of the spring this year, my biggest oldest aloe plant flowered for the second time in its life. i’ve had this plant for about nine years. it sits in my kitchen and had spent all its life in a tiny pot with about 3 inches diameter. the plant itself its more than a foot wide. i re-potted it early this summer after the flowering stalk withered, and now it’s in a huge pot that will allow it to get way bigger and live to flower again and again.

flowers from 9-year-old aloethe aloe that’s flowering is not actually in this picture, just its flowering stalk. the plant sits on the kitchen table underneath the shelf that the others in this picture sit upon. the stalk went up the back of the shelf along the window.

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