garden update with cat pictures

heqat  i never did build new garden beds. spring came really late. most of my seedlings that i started indoors didn’t survive outside. my big old sage bush didn’t survive the winter and my rosemary plant died too. i replaced them. my herbs are over abundant, my lettuce got away from me, and the strawberries are done. i have 9 apples on my apple tree – the cherry and the plum have nothing. i don’t think my cucumber or squash will make it, but the black eel zucchini that my friend gave me seeds for has already given me one huge zucchini and there’s another big one growing right now. i have a lot of mint that needs harvesting, as well as baby bok choi and onions. my black beans are bountiful. i don’t think i’ll get many carrots this year, and the radishes need harvesting. my grape in the back yard has a bunch of grapes. i’m surprised that it survived the winter. there’s a bit of wild grape in the front yard that survived as well.

daleki didn’t plant any sunflowers or lettuce this year, and hardly any baby bok choi, but they grew back from what seeded last year and i’ve been getting a huge harvest. i never planted my peas because i never got around to making a new fence for the pea bed. the echinacea is really coming in and there are splashes of flower-colour everywhere. i’ve seen a number of monarch butterflies.

my tomatoes are not producing as much as last year, but they are delicious. i have tomatoes in the ground as well as tomatoes in buckets. the ones in buckets are from the same friend who gave me the black eel zucchini. one of my tomato buckets has tobacco growing in it too. the leaves are huge.

it’s been so rainy that i haven’t had to water my garden nearly as much as usual. as much as i tried to make it a priority, i haven’t been able to give it the time and attention i intended because i wasn’t able to get a number of my intended projects started. i am content with this year, but next year will be really exciting. my compost pile has grown so much. i’m going to be able to fill up my garden beds this fall and my garden dirt will be so rich in the spring. i look forward to next year…

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