Here you will find links to a sync made by 1n0cu7um of the Animatrix and The Mars Volta's 'Deloused In The Comatorium' album. Please watch these, or, if you'd prefer to do the sync yourself with surround-sound and a big screen, mute the Animatrix and start 'Deloused in the Comatorium' about 1 minute and 47 seconds into the first episode.
There are seven segments of the sync, but the final one has not been uploaded yet. I will update this page when it is ready.

Animatrix/Mars Volta Sync (1/7)

"The first episode doesn't sync like the rest, so give it more than a couple of minutes. [This rant is dedicated to the naysayers and myself] Following the legacy of The Dark Side of the Rainbow, the Pink Floyd Wizard of Oz sync. Whether it is meant to be a sync is irrelevant, It makes you use a part of your brain that you wouldn't normally use in your mundane, daily lives. Come and Evolve with the rest of us. Let the feelings of anxiety and insanity sweep over you. You may remember something from your childhood that you forgot that you needed." -- 1n0cu7um

Animatrix/Mars Volta Sync (2/7)

"Remember, you have to want to see the sync.. You have to want to see secrets of the universe unfold before you. Not saying that there are secrets to unfold, only that putting yourself there will make you use a different part of your brain.. a part of your brain that has probably atrophied.. a part of your brain that you forgot was there. Come and enjoy that you are alive, that you have the power to change the way you look at the world.. even if it's only for a few moments..." -- 1n0cu7um

Animatrix/Mars Volta Sync (3/7)

"I'm sitting here with these videos in a back door... only linked to a similar sync... one would have to really search to find this. I guess youtube has fallen under as well.. you need to pay money for your videos to be seen." -- 1n0cu7um

Animatrix/Mars Volta Sync (4/7)

"Myspace and Facebook have fallen under as well.. I used to be able to search for music that any random schmo created, but no more.. we the people are no longer in control, we the people are no longer able to see outside whatever they want us to see. The Illuminati is taking over what is going into your brain (and don't you dare chastise volta fans, The all-seeing-eye with the knife through it? Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's - Old Money?).. one must create and think of new ideas to ward off the conditioning.. to ward off the world that they want us to live in." -- 1n0cu7um

Animatrix/Mars Volta Sync (5/7)

"One has to look outside of what is solid. Whether or not you want to accept it, it is a part of every culture and religion... These Ideas are valid. I'm not telling you to live outside the box, to be viewed as crazy by the rest of the world, I'm telling you to get off of the proverbial couch and look out the window. Just let the thought into your head, look at the door-knob.. realize that there are other ideas outside of your own. Even if you never go outside, at least you were given a choice." -- 1n0cu7um

Animatrix/Mars Volta Sync (6/7)

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